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NFT? And Redeemable NFT?

As everyone who came in here knows, NFT is now trading very actively now. NFT stands for non-fungible tokens like ERC-721 (a smart contract standard) tokens which are hosted on Ethereum’s own blockchain. In general NFTs are unique digital items such as collectibles or artworks or game items.
But in ClubRare, NFT is not just a digital item. This particular NFT is linked to the actual product, and the actual product can be delivered or received directly if the NFT owner wishes.

The remaining time of BID seems to be slightly out of sync.

In the club rare service, 'time' is based on 'block', so there may be 2-3 minutes difference from the actual remaining time. It may vary slightly depending on the Ethereum blockchain situation. Be careful!

Can I create NFTs without selling them?

From October you can do it right away! At this point, you create NFTs and you decide when to sell them.

What are the products under the name of Club Rare?

Basically, the products introduced by ClubRare are pre-owned and popular in the market. It can be a limited edition or a luxury brand.

If so, are there any products that are not promoted under the name of Club Rare?

Yes, there is! From October-November, Club Rare users or AGOV holders can register their Redeemable NFTs with ClubRare. We will update the method soon, so please wait. 👀

What does “minting” mean on Clubrare?

In general, the meaning of 'minting' is simply to create an NFT. But it's a little different to create the NFT on Club Rare. As mentioned earlier, on ClubRare, NFT is linked to real products. So if someone creates NFT on ClubRare, it means it's connected to the real product.

What should I know about the products in advance?

Most of the products are pre-owned. There are a variety of conditions that can be presented to someone from a good condition to a good condition for only me to use. The condition of the product can vary significantly depending on factors such as age, previous damage, recovery, repair and wear. The products are sold as they are. These product conditions are not grounds for refunds, so please check it.


I became the owner of NFT created under Club Rare's name, what do I do now?

ClubRare's NFT is connected to the real product. If you want, you can enjoy the effect of investing in the value of the product without having to manage and care about it yourself. Because you can sell NFT to the person who wants the product. If you want to receive the product directly, you can receive it.
After purchasing the NFT, send an email to "[email protected]" if you want to receive the product.

How do I use ClubRare tokens to redeem?

Token owner ("Redeemer") who chooses to redeem the token, email "[email protected]". Recipients will be provided with an online form, including their name, address, email address, tax resale certificate (if applicable), shipping preferences, and other KYC information required to ship the goods. ClubRare products are not sold or exchanged to prohibited persons.
If the redeemer does not have any remaining payments to ClubRare, after completing the KYC, if the token itself is sent to the address provided by ClubRare, ClubRare can ship the goods to the redeemer or pick-up if ClubRare states that Pick-up is possible. The product will arrive with an appraisal report. ClubRare has no obligation to the redeemer until all of the above conditions are met.

Do I need to proceed with KYC for the lead?

Yes, you need to confirm the identity of the recipient for the expensive product before you can deliver it. This is a safety device for the fact that there is no purpose of tax evasion and criminal profit has not been paid for the product in accordance with related laws such as the Anti-Money Laundering Act. Recipient's information shall be kept only for the purpose of the above in accordance with the relevant statutes and may be kept for more than one year, and the period may vary under the relevant statutes.

How is the delivery going?

Due to various environmental factors, delivery will only be carried out in Korea in 2021. However, if you visit Korea, you can visit a specific place from October 2021 and receive it directly. Delivery in Korea in 2021 starts on August 24, 2021 in the Korean metropolitan area and September 21, outside the metropolitan area. Please check it!

Is there a storage fee?

If the goods in progress are expensive ($5000 or more), they must be stored securely in a secure location. Therefore, storage charges may be incurred. However, there is no storage fee for the products stored in Club Rare during 2021. Storage charges may be incurred from 2022, but we will update this later.

Are there any refunds?

In principle, there is no refund due to the auction method. The sale of NFTs on other platforms after the initial sale is not within Club Rare's control.


If I participate in the bid 10 minutes before the end of the auction, will it be extended by 10 minutes?

No! The current club rare auction will end without time extension. Be careful!

Can I immediately put the winning bid on Club Rare and Auction?

Club Rare is now being prepared! I think it will be possible in October-November. But on platforms like opensea, you can auction right away!

After participating in the bid, can I cancel it before the auction is successful?

You cannot cancel. However, after that, when a higher bid participant appears, the automatically participating cryptocurrency is returned. You can participate in Bid again at any time with the returned cryptocurrency.

Is there any OpenSae integration?

Yes. You can also check out ClubRare products on opensea!

If you have any other questions, please contact the email "[email protected]"

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